Thursday, February 17, 2005

Right Where I'm Supposed To Be

I was talking with Mark, my friend and small group apprentice, about the small group we lead together.

The conversation reminded me again of one of the best things about being me right now ... I feel absolutely sure I'm doing just what God put me on the earth to do. I really believe that, at this point in time, my life's work is to be a small group leader. All the experiences, all the learning, all the studying, has brought me to this point.

This is a place I've rarely visited, and it's a great place to be.

So, what do I like about being a small group leader?

1 - I like the preparation for the study portion of our sessions.

2 - I like thinking strategically about how to help our people grow spiritually.

3 - I like the challenge of finding new ways to communicate old truths.

4 - I like the snacks afterwards.

5 - I like the way our group laughs together.

6 - I like talking about God with others who like talking about Him.

7 - I like the look on someone's face when something "clicks on" for them.

8 - I like listening to our group members pray.

9 - I like the challenge of coming up with opening questions that have a purpose behind them.

10 - I like reading about leading small groups.

11 - I like the positive feedback I get from our small group director.

12 - I like having people to pray for.

13 - I like having people who pray for me.

14 - I like feeling like I'm not alone in our church.

15 - I like having the kids in the house, seeing the value Mom and Dad place on their spiritual lives.

16 - I like the way that I have to keep growing so I can keep up with the others in our group.

17 - I like listening to relatively new Christians struggle to understand the Bible, because I know their struggles will pay off.

18 - I like the way I feel when people walk into the house for our meeting.

19 - I like the way being a small group leader has become such a large part of my daily thoughts.

20 - I like knowing that, for whatever reason, God trusts me to do this for Him.

21 - I like watching people grow spiritually.

22 - I like watching the walls gradually coming down in our group as people become more willing to "be real" with each other.

23 - I like the fun we have when we have social events together.

24 - I like belonging somewhere.

25 - I like giving others a place to belong.

26 - I like knowing that I'm not responsible for making eternal things happen in the lives of others.

27 - I like learning to trust in God to effect life change.

28 - I like having a purpose for my life.

29 - I like feeling like I'm making a difference in the lives of others.

30 - I like feeling like I'm making a difference for the kingdom.


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